CCNMTL to Support Partnership Between Columbia University, Teachers College, edX, and President Obama to Empower K-12 Teachers

Posted on Aug 4, 2015 in Announcements

Last fall, Columbia University and Teachers College answered President Obama’s call to help K-12 schools embrace technology and digital learning, as part of the ConnectED Initiative.

Through a partnership with edX—a MOOC provider founded by MIT and Harvard—Columbia, Teachers College, and nine other universities have committed to offering teacher development courses. As part of the program, US-based teachers will be able to receive a free verified certificate from edX for one year. Following the first year, teachers in high-needs schools will be eligible for free verified certificates for an additional four years. These courses will provide extensive training for K-12 teachers in educational technology, learning theory and leadership, and teaching in a blended format.

CCNMTL is working with Dr. Pearl Rock Kane, Professor of Education and Director of the  Klingenstein Center for Independent School Leadership, and Dr. Ellen Meier, Associate Professor of Practice and Director of the Center for Technology and School Change (CTSC), to plan, develop and produce the two courses. Over the last several months, teams from Teachers College and CCNMTL have been gathering to discuss how best to optimize participant engagement for busy in-service teachers.

Professor Kane’s course will focus on leadership in teaching, and core skills that every teacher-leader should know, based on her work at the Klingenstein Center. Professor Meier’s course will focus on project-based learning with technology, based on courses she teaches at Teachers College on innovating instruction. Meier’s course will also investigate new opportunities for teaching and learning with technology. Both courses will reflect a strong student-centered approach to learning.

Senior educational technologist, Michael Cennamo, is leading a small project team from CCNMTL to support the development of these courses. Both courses will be divided into several modules with video lectures and supporting activities; the design process for these MOOCs is supported by CCNMTL’s previous work with edX, including Eric Foner’s Civil War and Reconstruction on ColumbiaX.

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