Introducing Post-Docs to the Principles of Teaching and EdTech

Posted on Jun 9, 2015 in Events

CCNMTL contributed two faculty development events to Columbia University’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs’ summer programming.

Educational Technologist Andrew Flatgard (right) teaches a group of Columbia post-docs.

The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) kicked off this summer’s faculty development season with a lecture on learning and an EdTech Speed Date program for postdoctoral students. These events, co-sponsored by Columbia University’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and CCNMTL, are part of a 10-session course designed to introduce post-doctoral students to foundational principles of teaching.

The lecture on cognitive theories of learning was delivered by Michelle Hall, associate director for educational programs at CCNMTL. Educational Technologists from CCNMTL conducted the EdTech Speed Date session where students rotated through five stations, one every fifteen minutes. Each station introduced post-docs to instructional strategies and educational technologies that support classroom assessments; collaboration and discussion; curating and organizing course materials; activating the classroom; and tips for creating effective presentations.

Educational Technologist Kenny Hirschmann and Sarohini Chahal teach a group of Columbia post-docs.

Consensus among the post-docs was that the Speed Dating method was an interesting way to get a taste of multiple aspects of educational technology, and receive immediate answers to their questions.

Find out more about the postdoctoral course: What you need to know to be a successful teacher.

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